Dear Colleagues and Friends,

         On behalf of the Organising Committee, we have the pleasure and honour to announce the launch of the 8th Annual Meeting & Symposium of the Asian Forensic Sciences Network (AFSN) which will be held in Bangkok, Thailand, from 16th-19th August 2016, with the theme: Towards Forensic Standards in Asia: Integration, Unity, Collaboration.

         The 8th AFSN Annual Meeting & Symposium aims to gather forensic scientists and researchers from across Asia and beyond, as well as members of the judiciary in Thailand, for sharing and exchange of technical expertise, experience, data and standards. We are honoured to have eminent international experts from forensic science and law professions as our speakers on plenary and workgroup sessions. This meeting & symposium serves as a premier international and interdisciplinary forum to exchange information to enhance scientific contributions in criminal justice investigation and administration and to present the most recent innovations and their potential impact and practical challenges encountered, as well as other possible solutions in various fields of forensic sciences.

         As we become more connected in the modern world, the boundaries of crimes and criminal justice investigation in each country is blurring. We have experienced an increase in crimes across borders. The AFSN has shown us the benefit and necessity of the collaboration and integration across the region and we hope that the symposium promotes cross cultural dialogues that will unite the forensic science community.

         All the members of the AFSN Board, and organising committee from the Central Institute of Forensic Science, wish you a delighted and valuable symposium experience and a memorable stay in Bangkok, Thailand.



Pol.Lt.Col.Suphoj Nakngoenthong

Director-General of Central Institute of Forensic Science

President of Asian Forensic Sciences Network